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PEACE III Funding.

The 3 Boroughs of Carrickfergus, Antrim and Newtownabbey have formed the CAN Peace III Cluster and in line with guidance issued by the Special European Union Programmes Body, the Partnership has developed a Strategy and Action Plan, which has been approved by the Management Authority attracting an award of 1,954,868 (Phase 1).

The Peace III Programme is a distinctive programme, part-funded by the European Union. The main aims of the programme are to reinforce progress towards a stable and peaceful society and to promote reconciliation by assisting operations and projects which help to reconcile communities and contribute towards a shared society for everyone. The Peace III Programme is divided into 2 main priorities:

  • Reconciling Communities
  • Contributing to a Shared Society

The Programme delivers these priorities through the following 'themes':

  • To build positive relations at a local level - cross community and cross border initiatives and long term activities in priority communities as a result of local action. Sectarianism and racism decrease in social life where new opportunities for collaboration are created and minority groups are more integrated.
  • To acknowledge the past - victims and survivors are able to deal with the past on their own terms. Significant groups of the population are able to see and hear about a different culture and history of the conflict.
  • To create shared public spaces - these are changes in behavioural patterns for shopping, working socialising and the usage of facilities by all.
  • To develop key institutional capacity for a shared society - key institutions develop a capacity to deliver a shared future. Public service delivery is adjusted to deal in a targeted and concerted manner with issues that contribute to a shared society.

The Peace III Programme follows on from the Peace I and Peace II Programmes and will carry forward some of the key aspects of these programmes, with a renewed emphasis on reconciliation. It also has a focus on cross border initiatives.

Under Phase 1 of the Peace III Programme the following local groups were successful under the small grants programme:

Carrickfergus YMCA - Glenfield/Castlemara Parents and Kids Together - 24,831

Carrickfergus YMCA - Youth & Community Centre - 35,750

Carrickfergus YMCA - Woodburn/Sunnylands Parents and Kids Together - 28,285

Carrickfergus Enterprise - Understanding Ourselves, Respecting Others - 21,110

Carrickfergus Rugby Club - Carrick Rugby Outreach Programmes - 30,000

Glenfield Community Association - The 4 C's Project - 25,835

St. Nicholas Parish - Carrick Front Squad Revisited - 13,935

Carrickfergus will also benefit from the following projects which will be delivered across the 3 Cluster areas:

Community Development Agency / SEACF - Dealing with Perceptions - 28,950

Making Music Workshops - Give Yourself a Voice - 28,188

University of Ulster - Sport and Community Education - 27,640

University of Ulster - Sport and Community Integration - 22,950

Early Years - Media Initiative for Children, Respecting Differences - 29,645

The CAN Peace III Partnership have now launched Phase 2 of the Peace III Programme (2011 - 2013). The programme continues to focus on challenging sectarianism and racism and on building relationships at a local level.

Phase 2 of the Peace III Programme has a Cross Cutting Theme and 3 Priorities under which projects have been developed.

The Cross Cutting Theme is to Invest in Relationships for Peace Building and the Priorities are:

1. Investing in Leadership for a Share Society

2. Investing in Cohesion and Integration

3. Investing in Families and Young People

For further information visit or contact Alison Keenan, Programme Co-ordinator on Tel: 028 9034 0212.

For further information please contact:

Grants Officer
Telephone: 028 9335 8051