There is currently some disruption to bin collection in the Larne area. If your bin has been missed please leave it out for collection and it will be lifted as soon as possible.




Councillor Audrey Wales MBE

Audrey Wales MBE

DUP, Ballymena

Councillor Declan O’Loan

Declan O’Loan

SDLP, Ballymena

Councillor Donna Anderson

Donna Anderson

UKIP, Ballymena

Councillor James Henry

James Henry

Independent, Ballymena

Councillor John Carson

John Carson

DUP, Ballymena

Councillor Reuben Glover

Reuben Glover

DUP, Ballymena

Councillor Stephen Nicholl

Stephen Nicholl

UUP, Ballymena


Councillor Billy Henry

Billy Henry

DUP, Bannside

Councillor Patrice Hardy

Patrice Hardy

Sinn Féin, Bannside

Councillor Stewart McDonald

Stewart McDonald

TUV, Bannside

Councillor Timothy Gaston

Timothy Gaston

TUV, Bannside

Councillor Tommy Nicholl MBE

Tommy Nicholl MBE

DUP, Bannside

Councillor William McNeilly

William McNeilly

UUP, Bannside


Councillor Beth Adger MBE

Beth Adger MBE

DUP, Braid

Councillor Beth Clyde

Beth Clyde

DUP, Braid

Councillor Brian Collins

Brian Collins

TUV, Braid

Councillor Paul Maguire

Paul Maguire

Independent, Braid

Councillor Robin Cherry MBE

Robin Cherry MBE

UUP, Braid

Councillor Sam Hanna

Sam Hanna

DUP, Braid

Councillor William McCaughey

William McCaughey

DUP, Braid

Carrick Castle

Councillor Billy Ashe

Billy Ashe

DUP, Carrick Castle

Councillor Cheryl Johnston

Cheryl Johnston

DUP, Carrick Castle

Councillor James Brown MBE

James Brown MBE

Independent, Carrick Castle

Councillor Noel Jordan

Noel Jordan

UKIP, Carrick Castle

Councillor Robin Stewart

Robin Stewart

UUP, Carrick Castle

Coast Road

Councillor Angela Smyth

Angela Smyth

DUP, Coast Road

Councillor Gerardine Mulvenna

Gerardine Mulvenna

Alliance, Coast Road

Councillor James McKeown

James McKeown

Sinn Féin, Coast Road

Councillor Maureen Morrow

Maureen Morrow

UUP, Coast Road

Councillor Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson

TUV, Coast Road


Councillor Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

UUP, Knockagh

Councillor Lindsay Millar

Lindsay Millar

UUP, Knockagh

Councillor Lynn McClurg

Lynn McClurg

DUP, Knockagh

Councillor May Beattie

May Beattie

DUP, Knockagh

Councillor Paul Sinclair

Paul Sinclair

Alliance, Knockagh

Larne Lough

Councillor Andrew P Wilson

Andrew P Wilson

UUP, Larne Lough

Councillor Gregg McKeen

Gregg McKeen

DUP, Larne Lough

Councillor Mark McKinty

Mark McKinty

UUP, Larne Lough

Councillor Paul Reid

Paul Reid

DUP, Larne Lough

Councillor Robert Logan

Robert Logan

Alliance, Larne Lough