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  • Photograph of Billy Ashe

    Councillor Billy Ashe

    Democratic Unionist Party

    Billy Ashe was first elected to Carrickfergus Borough Council in May 1997. He served as Mayor of the Borough during 2001-2002 and has served as Chair of Development Services, the largest Council Department for 7 years. Full biography

  • Photograph of May Beattie

    Alderman May Beattie

    Democratic Unionist Party

    Alderman Mrs May Beattie is now serving her third term as a Councillor for the Borough of Carrickfergus, having first been elected to Council in 1997. Having been resident in the Borough for her entire life, she is a member of the Democratic Unionist Party, holding the office of Secretary of the local branch and the East Antrim Association. She also holds the position of Whip for the local party. Full biography

  • Photograph of Jim Brown

    Alderman Jim Brown


    Having served as a Carrickfergus Borough Councillor for almost thirty years, Jim Brown is well experienced in dealing with a wide range of constituency matters. Not affiliated to any political party, his loyalty is first and foremost to the people who have chosen to elect him as an individual. Full biography

  • Photograph of Terry Clements

    Councillor Terry Clements

    Democratic Unionist Party
  • Photograph of Fred Cobain

    Councillor Fred Cobain

    Democratic Unionist Party
  • Photograph of Isobel Day

    Councillor Isobel Day

    Alliance Party

    Born Isobel Joyner in 1950, Isobel attended her local Sunnylands Primary School, where her father was Vice Principal, and then on to Whitehead High School, leaving after ‘A’ levels. She joined the Alliance Party in 1970/71. Full biography

  • Photograph of Deborah Emerson

    Councillor Deborah Emerson

    Democratic Unionist Party

    Councillor Deborah Emerson was elected to Council for the first time in May 2011. She works in the Social Housing Sector. Deborah is the youngest of the current DUP councillors and was Mayoress from 2003 to 2004. Full biography

  • Photograph of Eric Ferguson

    Councillor Eric Ferguson

    Ulster Unionist Party

    Councillor Eric Ferguson has been a serving Councillor in Carrickfergus since 1997. Full biography

  • Photograph of Billy Hamilton

    Councillor Billy Hamilton

  • Photograph of Charles Johnston - Mayor

    Alderman Charles Johnston - Mayor

    Democratic Unionist Party

    Charlie Johnston was first elected to Carrickfergus Borough Council in 1973. He served on Council for the next 28 years. Charlie was returned to Council again in May 2011. Full biography

  • Photograph of Jim McClurg

    Councillor Jim McClurg

    Democratic Unionist Party

    Jim McClurg has over 10 years experience as a Councillor with Carrickfergus Borough Council and has also recently been elected for the second time as Mayor of Carrickfergus. He feels greatly honoured and very proud to have had this position bestowed upon him. Full biography

  • Photograph of Lynn McClurg - Deputy Mayor

    Councillor Lynn McClurg - Deputy Mayor

    Democratic Unionist Party
  • Photograph of Beryl McKnight

    Councillor Beryl McKnight

    Democratic Unionist Party

    Beryl McKnight was elected to Council for the first time in May 2011. She is heavily involved in working with the local community in Carrickfergus through her participation in many community groups, partnerships and forums. Full biography

  • Photograph of Gavin Norris

    Councillor Gavin Norris

    Alliance Party

    Councillor Gavin Norris was appointed to the Council in October 2013 and represents the Borough’s Castle Ward. He is a member of the Alliance Party and is the youngest member of the Council. Full biography

  • Photograph of John Stewart

    Councillor John Stewart

    Ulster Unionist Party

    John Stewart was elected to Carrickfergus Borough Council in May 2011 as a UUP representative. John is interested in History having obtained a degree in this subject in 2004. John also sits on many of the business related bodies in the Borough and would like to see Carrickfergus as a lively and thriving business region. Full biography

  • Photograph of Noel Williams

    Councillor Noel Williams

    Alliance Party

    Councillor Noel Williams represents the Borough’s Knockagh Ward, which stretches from Clipperstown through Woodburn to Greenisland. He was appointed to the Council on 27 June 2012 and he serves on a variety of Committees whilst retaining an interest in every aspect of the Council’s remit. Noel is an Alliance Party member and also manages the Alliance’s East Antrim constituency operations and its offices in Carrickfergus and Larne. Full biography

  • Photograph of Andrew Wilson

    Councillor Andrew Wilson

    Ulster Unionist Party

    Andrew Wilson has been an elected member of Council for Carrickfergus & Greenisland since 2011. He lives in rural Carrickfergus, is a past pupil of Carrickfergus Grammar School and is an alumnus of the University of Ulster and Queens University Belfast law school. He works as a political advisor, retains membership of the local PCSP and serves as Chairman of Development Services. He is also a Councillor-elect for Mid and East Antrim District. Full biography