Carrickfergus Borough Council - Waste Collection

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Waste Collection.

Alternate Week Collections

The main objective for the introduction of the alternate week collection was to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and to encourage residents to recycle more materials. The Government have set targets for the reduction of landfill waste, if these targets are not met a fine is imposed on the Council.

Therefore we operate an alternate week collection for grey bins and brown bins. Every household in the Borough is given a calendar of the collection dates. There are two calendars so when some households are on a grey bin week there are others on a brown bin week. Residents can request a calendar to be sent out by contacting us on 028 9335 8083.

The Collection of Bins

Bins should be left on the kerbside by 08.00 on the day of collection.  The lids must be completely closed.

Wheels and Axles

For Health and Safety reasons bins will not be emptied if the wheels and axles are faulty.  If this is the case a sticker stating this reason is placed on the bin to ask the householder to contact ES Admin to make arrangements for the wheels and axles to be replaced.  If the wheels and axles cannot be fixed a replacement bin is required.

Prices of Wheeled Bins

120L grey bin 35.00 - no delivery charge

240L grey bin 40.00 - no delivery charge

1100L wheeled bin 180.00 - no delivery charge (normally used for Commercial Users)

Compost Bin 15.00 - no delivery charge

Each household is responsible for purchasing a grey bin. The bins are guaranteed for 5 years. If a bin older than 5 years old is damaged this is put down to wear and tear and a new bin must be purchased. Council will only replace a bin if it is less than 5 years old or if it has fallen into the back of the refuse collection vehicle.

Brown Bins

To keep up recycling figures Council will provide each household with one brown bin free of charge and also provide replacement bins free of charge.

Contaminated Bins

If bins contain materials that are not permitted in that particular colour of bin then it will not be collected. The householder will have to remove the items and place it into the correct bin before it can be emptied.

Assisted Lifts

Council provides a service whereby we will assist the elderly and disabled residents of the Borough by collecting their bins from their property and returning it when it has been emptied.  To register for this service a form can be obtained by contacting Environmental Services on 028 9335 8083.

Additional Bin Collection

As a general rule Council will collect one domestic (grey) bin per household. However, we do recognise that in some circumstances this level of service is inadequate and therefore we will collect two grey bins from households as follows.

  • Number in family permanently living in the household
  • Number in family permanently living in the household and with 2 or more children in nappies
  • Households producing additional waste to meet medical needs **

**For medical needs the additional bin will be provided free of charge. All other households who qualify for a 2nd bin to be emptied but purchase one at a cost of 40.00 no delivery charge.

Commercial Waste

Council will collect waste from commercial premises and shops. At present the cost per collection is:

240L - 5.75 per lift

1100L - 12.75 per lift

Manlift (up to maximum of 10 black bags)- 8.50

(These prices are reviewed annually)

The waste will be lifted once a contract has been entered into and the invoice has been paid.

Registered charities and churches will be offered ONE 240 litre (wheeled) bin FREE OF CHARGE per week. Any further waste collection required will be charged as set out above in Commercial Waste section.

Bulky Collections

We provide a service for the collection of bulky items from households. We will collect three items per visit. All items to be collected must be left either at the front or the back of the property depending on where there is the closest vehicle access.

The waiting time is based on the amount of requests we have and the manpower available. The householder will be informed of the approximate waiting time when they make the request.

We are unable to specific days or times for collections but we do endeavour to do so in special circumstances.

The following items cannot be collected:

  • Rubble
  • Fireplaces
  • Cast Iron Baths
  • Complete Kitchens
  • Wood with nails or lengths of wood longer than 4ft
  • Garage Doors
  • Broken Glass
  • Sheds
  • Double glazed window units
  • Pianos
  • Oil Tanks
  • Commercial Fridges
  • Large quantities of hedging/branches

We can only take requests from the owner of the items. If items have been dumped this is regarded as illegal dumping. All cases of illegal dumping must be reported to the Enforcement Officer (Tel 028 9335 8071) who will investigate the complaint and then instruct the Cleansing Section to remove the items for disposable if required.

Commercial customers can request a bulky collection and are charged according to the amount of waste to be disposed of.

For further information please contact:

Telephone: 028 9335 8083